number of ways have been indicated in the various parts of this site with the aim of helping Muslims who wish to serve Islam. We have set out what can be done in the workplace, at home, and out on the streets. However, it must never be forgotten that in the absence of such support everyone can also think of ways of serving Islam for his or herself. It is enough to listen to the voice of one's conscience, think honestly and make full use of one's available means.

The great majority of people are perfectly well aware of what conscientious behavior, goodness and beauty really are. For that reason most people speak true and honest words and emphasize that they are on the side of truth. When it comes to taking action, however, they just stand idly by. Although there is much to be said on the side of the truth and a great many places where the truth can be defended, they avoid doing so for various reasons.

There are many reasons for this silence. One of these is the fear of damaging their worldly interests. For example, if they calculate that they will attract hostile attention from the wicked and will have to make concessions with regard to their own interests when defending a good and wronged person against the alliance of the wicked, they may avoid doing that. As a result, they hesitate to intervene in the wicked deeds of the deniers out of a fear of losing their careers or place in society, or of being slandered. They may be unable to defend the truth out of concerns for the future.

However, these people must know that the behavior which it is hoped will meet with Allah's approval is the translation of words into deeds. Allah has revealed the situation of those who speak of goodness and promise godly deeds, but who hesitate when the time comes to put them into practice:

... More fitting for them would be obedience and honourable words. Once the matter is resolved upon, being true to Allah would be better for them. (Qur'an, 47: 20-21)

It is for that reason that everyone with faith, everyone who knows that he will have to account for his deeds in this world on the day of judgment, who says that he is a sincere and conscientious servant, must ally himself with the good. Allah warns those who fail to do this:

You who believe! Why do you say what you do not do? It is deeply abhorrent to Allah that you should say what you do not do. (Qur'an, 61: 2-3)

Everyone will be recompensed in the hereafter for every moment of, every deed in the life of this world. This is Allah's promise. Of course those who constantly remind others of Allah's existence, who describe the moral values of Islam, who help others who strive on that same path, who spend every moment to attain Allah's approval, can hope for His eternal blessings of paradise.

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