ne of the reasons for preparing this site is to be a means whereby irreligion, the fundamental cause of all the chaos in the world, can be eliminated, and therefore to share some initial ideas to assist the good in helping one another. Muslims in the past overcame a great many obstacles through unity, and enabled proper moral values to be disseminated.

The extent of today's violence, terror, cruelty, fraud, deception, immorality, shamelessness, conflict, poverty and hunger is far greater than it was in the past. This is evidence that the wickedness of the evil is far greater than in the past. Everyone of good conscience and reason must free himself of heedlessness and look at world events as a lesson. It is obvious that the evil and their evil deeds are great in numbers, and very powerful, and cause a great many people to live in pain and unhappiness. The fact that religious moral values have been deviated from the form in which they were revealed to mankind by Allah and the failure to live by the moral values of the Qur'an have led to the spread of all kinds of corruption and evil. Allah has revealed the damage done by irreligion in His verses:

Among the people there is someone whose words about the life of this world excite your admiration, and he calls Allah to witness what is in his heart, while he is in fact the most hostile of adversaries. When he leaves you, he goes about the earth corrupting it, destroying crops and animals. Allah does not love corruption. (Qur'an, 2: 204-205)

In order to put an end to the cruelties and wickedness of those people who have lost all positive virtues and compassion, who disregard spiritual values and even mock them, it is essential for good-hearted, conscientious people to join forces and strive to replace the wickedness in the world with goodness and beauty. In one verse Allah reveals that unless the faithful help one another there will be disorder in the world:

Those who disbelieve are the friends and protectors of one another. If you do not act in this way there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption. (Qur'an, 8: 73)

This is a serious responsibility on believers' shoulders, and a believer must avoid such a dire consequence. It is time not for everyone to look to his or her own interests but to make a serious effort on behalf of others. Many people read detailed accounts about the prophets and their companions, esteem them, praise their superior moral values, and tell people about their moderation, lack of fear of those who criticized them, indefatigable natures, and ability to overcome all forms of difficulty. These are holy, worthy and devoted people, whom Allah loves and has promised He will welcome to paradise. They were totally determined on the subject of goodness and honesty throughout their lives. However, what good people have to do these days is not just to tell others about their lives, but to take them as role models and behave like them. Every good person must compete to achieve the moral values of the prophets, set out as examples in the Qur'an, and the other godly individuals with them. Otherwise, every person of good conscience will be responsible for the evil, wickedness, conflict and war he witnesses in the life of this world.

In this century, when wickedness has grown so fierce, when defenseless women and children are reaching out for help, Muslims must keep their solidarity alive and help one another through all troubles and difficulties and under all circumstances and conditions. Allah has revealed how the faithful must exhibit brotherhood and how they must behave to one another:

Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together, and do not separate. Remember Allah's blessing to you when you were enemies and He joined your hearts together so that you became brothers by His blessing. You were on the very brink of a pit of the Fire and He rescued you from it. In this way Allah makes His Signs clear to you, so that hopefully you will be guided. (Qur'an, 3: 103)

Every Muslim with reason and a sound conscience strives to free those around him, the society in which he lives, and even all of mankind, from conflict, war, wickedness and immorality. It is manifestly evident that spiritual values such as sincerity, good conscience, honesty, compassion, affection, love and respect can bring the wickedness of the evil to an end and do away with it entirely. To put it another way, when the good join forces and act together, the alliance of the evil and their wicked deeds will melt away. Allah gives the glad tidings of this in another verse:

Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray! (Qur'an, 21: 18)

In another verse, Allah has commanded believers to support, help and defend their messengers:

... Those who believe in him and honour him and help him, and follow the Light that has been sent down with him, they are the ones who are successful. (Qur'an, 7: 157)

In the same way, believers must support, assist and protect one another. They must therefore act as one in telling others of the moral values of Islam. That is the intention behind this site.

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